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Performance Summary: In a battle of midrange cards, the EN7900GT TOP has consistently proven itself a winner, besting the 7800GT and X1800XL in almost every instance. The single card benchmarks outweigh the SLI scores, however. While we continued to improve benchmark scores and frame rates with an 7900GT SLI combo, the gains weren't as large as we might have hoped for.

The Asus EN7900GT TOP comes factory overclocked at 520MHz/1.44GHz, and there's still some headroom to be played with to increase speeds even further. It's not as fast as, let's say, a 7900GTX or X1900XTX, but it doesn't come with such a hefty price tag either. In it's own niche it performs quite well, beating not only the competition, but undoubtedly most of the plain vanilla 7900GTs as well.

Although the appearance of card itself is pretty much standard-fare, the higher speeds and additional bundle of games and other goodies make the EN7900GT quite an attractive buy. Two of these cards hooked in up in an SLI configuration are probably the best option out there for performance seekers, providing the best price/performance ratio in the multi-GPU arena. We're giving the Asus EN7900GT TOP a strong 9 on the Heat Meter.


  • Best of the Mid-range cards
  • King Kong sized bundle
  • Already comes overclocked
  • SLI performance notch above 7800GTs
  • No custom cooling or special touches

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