Asus Eee PC 1005HA Seashell Review

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As with the Eee PC 1008HA, Asus doesn't include many extras with its thicker 1005HA. Within the box, you'll get the netbook itself, an AC power brick, power cable, a couple of booklets, a driver CD and a rather ho-hum protective sleeve. Not that we're complaining about a sleeve, but those who prefer bags with pockets and the like will still be shopping the markets for one.

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Our test unit shipped with Windows XP, though a Linux option is available. Due to Microsoft's current WinXP restrictions related to netbooks, the 1005HA is also limited in terms of specifications. You'll likely notice that the specs here are nearly the same as most every other netbook (particularly the Eee PC 1008HA), and that's because Microsoft has mandated that netbooks running WinXP only be outfitted with a certain level of hardware. Many blame this tactic on Microsoft's desire to sell Windows Vista or the upcoming Windows 7 on these mini machines rather than the less profitable Windows XP, but whatever the reasoning, WinXP and its list of certified hardware is what you'll find here.

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Extra software was scant, with just an application to access Eee Storage (10GB is available free of charge for a year and for a fee afterwards), Adobe Reader 8, a 30 day Microsoft Office trial, Skype, Microsoft Works and a Norton Security trial included.

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Asus also includes its Super Hybrid Engine, which is an application that sits in the System Tray and enables users to easily switch from one power profile to another based on current usage scenarios.

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