Asus Blitz Formula and Extreme P35 Motherboards

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PCMark05: CPU and Memory


For our first round of synthetic benchmarks, we ran the CPU and memory performance modules built into Futuremark's PCMark05 suite.

Futuremark PCMark05
Synthetic CPU and Memory Benchmarks

"The CPU test suite is a collection of tests that are run to isolate the performance of the CPU. The CPU Test Suite also includes multithreading: two of the test scenarios are run multithreaded; the other including two simultaneous tests and the other running four tests simultaneously. The remaining six tests are run single threaded. Operations include, File Compression/Decompression, Encryption/Decryption, Image Decompression, and Audio Compression" - Courtesy FutureMark Corp.


Talk about a photo finish.  In PCMark05's CPU Performance module, both Blitz boards and another Asus P35-based motherboard, the P5K Deluxe, posted nearly identical scores.  The memory performance module will paint a different picture, however.

"The Memory test suite is a collection of tests that isolate the performance of the memory subsystem. The memory subsystem consists of various devices on the PC. This includes the main memory, the CPU internal cache (known as the L1 cache) and the external cache (known as the L2 cache). As it is difficult to find applications that only stress the memory, we explicitly developed a set of tests geared for this purpose. The tests are written in C++ and assembly. They include: Reading data blocks from memory, Writing data blocks to memory performing copy operations on data blocks, random access to data items and latency testing."  - Courtesy FutureMark Corp.


PCMark05's memory performance module reported an approximate 300 point advantage (5%) for the DDR3-1333 equipped Asus Blitz Extreme motherboard.  We should note that with DDR3-1066 memory installed in the extreme board, it scored 6,067 here.  At this point in time most DDR3 memory kits have higher CAS latency timings than high-end DDR2 kit, which hinders their performance in this benchmark.

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