iPad versus Netbook-Tablet Hybrid Head to Head

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Conclusion: Can The iPad Really Replace Your Netbook?

Early on in our discussion here, you probably thought we were claiming the iPad was really ready to compete with netbook / tablet hybrids that run Windows, or possibly vice-versa. Now, it should be pretty clear that that's not quite the case. It's like expecting an Android based tablet to compete with the upcoming HP Slate; you can't reasonably expect a mobile handset OS to go toe-to-toe with a full fledged desktop OS and win in most cases.

What you have is a case of two devices meant for two different markets, and it's up to you to decide which camp you're in. Are you looking for a small machine to handle fun and games? If so, the iPad is tough to beat. HD media playback is flawless, the screen is gorgeous and responsive, and it's easy to get 10+ hours of battery life. It's a truly fun machine to use when you're just looking to be entertained.

Are you looking for a small machine to handle real work tasks and provide the type of expandability you've grown used to seeing on full-sized notebooks? If so, the S10-3t (or any other similar netbook / tablet hybrid) is probably a safer bet. It offers a real OS (Windows 7), and while it's slower at handling some tasks, it does get them done. The iPad doesn't even offer to get "them" done at all. There are many compromises made in a machine of this size running full-blown apps that can result in lack-luster performance and a short battery life, most notably, but if you're willing to put up with that, a netbook / tablet hybrid is simply far more capable as a work machine than the iPad.


So, we think the options are laid our pretty clearly here. Are you an iPad kind of guy/gal, or is the "real worker" in you yearning for a Windows-based netbook/tablet hybrid? There's no wrong answer, just a really important lifestyle decision to be made on your next mobile computing platform of choice.

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