AMD Radeon HD 6970 & 6950 Debut: Enter Cayman

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Alien vs. Predator Performance

Alien vs. Predator
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

Alien vs. Predator

The Alien vs. Predator benchmark makes use of the advanced Tessellation, screen space ambient occlusion and high-quality shadow features, available with DirectX 11. In addition to enabling all of the aforementioned DirectX 11 related features offered by this benchmark, we also switched on 4X anti-aliasing along with 16X anisotropic filtering to more heavily tax the graphics cards being tested.

Alien vs. Predator proved to be another strong point for the Radeon HD 6900 series. In this game, the Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 were able to outpace the GeForce GTX 570.

The same trend rang true in the dual-card tests--the Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 CrossFire rigs outpaced the GeForce GTX 570 SLI setup, but they couldn't quite catch the GeForce GTX 580.

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