AMD Beema and Mullins Low Power 2014 APUs Tested

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Video Streaming and Playback

We also played back a handful of on-line and local video files to get a feel for the A10 Micro-6700T's multimedia prowess, including some high-def YouTube and Hulu video and H.264 encoded MP4 files.

The Avengers Trailer (1080p) Streaming From YouTube

Local Playback of 1080P MP4 File

All of the local content played back perfectly with very low CPU utilization as you can see in the screen capture above. 1080p Flash videos streamed from the web, however, resulted in higher-than-expected CPU utilization which in turn resulted in some dropped frames. 720p playback was perfectly smooth, however.

We didn't have time to experiment with different video settings to see if there was a particular video enhancement that was causing the problem, but reps from AMD said these results weren't in-line with expectations. When researching the issue after the fact, resetting the graphics driver back to defaults reportedly resolved the issue, but we didn't have time to verify that for ourselves.  Based on our experience with Kabini and other Radeons, we suspect this won't be an issue in shipping products / drivers.

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