AMD Beema and Mullins Low Power 2014 APUs Tested

GPU Testing: Cinebench OpenGL, Cloud Gate

Cinebench R11.5’s GPU benchmark uses a 3D scene depicting a car chase, which measures the performance of a graphics card using OpenGL. The CPU and GPU have to process a large amount of geometry (nearly 1 million polygons) and textures, as well as a variety of effects, such as bump maps, transparency, lighting and more. Results are reported in frames per second.

Cinebench R15 OpenGL Test
3D Rendering

The high-power, Kabini-based notebook platform put up a higher score than the A10 Micro-6700T here, but versus Intel's offerings, AMD's new APU does very well.

3DMark Cloud Gate
More DirectX Testing

We snuck in a run of 3DMark Cloud Gate in our limited time with the AMD A10 Micro-6700T-based Discovery Platform and, once again, it had no trouble outpacing Bay Trail.

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