AMD 780G Chipset and Athlon X2 4850e Preview

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Gaming: Company of Heroes

 Company of Heroes
 DirectX 10 Benchmarks

Relic’s WWII RTS originally centered on a DirectX 9 engine, but now includes DX10 functionality able to tax modern graphics architectures. Once again, the game’s visual options were maxed out in a bid to demonstrate the eye candy possible with AMD’s latest platform. After we saw what the numbers first looked like, however, we turned the settings down to High, hoping for more playable numbers using the built-in performance test.

At 800x600, we saw frame rates peak into the 30 FPS range. However, more intense sequences of the benchmark dragged down the average to levels considered unplayable. AMD’s 780G retains its advantage here, but you’re going to have to make quality sacrifices if you’re looking to play Company of Heroes on an integrated chipset.

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