Amazon Fire HD 10 Review: An Inexpensive Large Entertainment Tablet

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Performance: Graphics & Gaming

The Fire HD 10 isn’t designed for hard-core gaming, but it should be able to handle basic games just fine. Let’s see how this tablet compares to others in some of our standard gaming benchmarks.

Graphics testing
iOS and Android Graphics testing

FireHD10 gfx trex

We find the Fire HD 10 in the lower half of the comparison chart in the GFXBench T-Rex Offscreen test. Keep in mind this test renders the benchmark at a full HD 1080p resolution, which the Fire HD 10 will never attempt since its screen resolution is limited to 1280x800.

FireHD10 3dmark 1

FireHD10 3dmark 2

In all components of the 3D Mark Ice Storm tests, the Fire HD 10 finds itself in the lower half of the comparison charts. It’s interesting to note that the $50 7-inch Fire tablet actually beat the Fire HD 10 by a small margin in the Physics component of this test.

We didn’t expect the Fire HD 10 to be a chart-topper in our gaming benchmarks. It would be unrealistic to expect smooth performance when attempting to play demanding titles, given the Fire HD 10's configuration and modest price point, but the tablet obviously would have no problem with casual titles such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Just set expectations accordingly. 

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