Amazon Fire HD 10 Review: An Inexpensive Large Entertainment Tablet

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Performance: CPU & Web Browsing

The 2015 Fire HD 10 runs on a MediaTek MT8135 Quad-Core processor, PowerVR G6200 GPU, and 1GB of RAM. This hardware combination is driving a 1280 x 800 resolution screen. It's not a particularly potent setup but for the use case of this tablet it gets the job done.

For browsing, Amazon uses the Silk browser which is based on the open source Chromium project. Silk divides the processing between the tablet’s hardware and Amazon Web Services (AWS). By utilizing AWS, Amazon is able to pre-process web pages, apply predictive algorithms, and route traffic through proxy servers to help pages load more quickly.                

CPU testing
iOS and Android CPU testing

FireHD10 browsermark

Here the Fire HD 10 finds itself in the middle of our comparison chart in Rightware’s latest version of BrowserMark. As we would expect, it also surpasses the 2015 7-inch Fire tablet. Keep in mind there are only a few tablets in this comparison chart, though their mobile platforms are relatively comparable.

FireHD10 geekbench

In Geekbench, the Fire HD 10 beats four other tablets but still finds itself near the bottom of the chart. Interestingly, two of these four tablets are other Fire models.

Although the Silk browser and Fire HD 10 didn’t top our web-browsing charts, real-world performance was acceptable. The Silk browser did a fine job at displaying web pages with reasonable page load times, and smooth pinch-to-zoom performance.

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