Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch Review: Sleek, Attractive, And Great Battery Life

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Final Thoughts On The Amazfit Pace

The Amazfit Pace has a lot of potential. The watch's hardware is top notch. The glossy ceramic bezel is eye-catching and the silica gel strap is comfortable and well-made. Many people will probably love the sporty-chic aesthetic and black and red designs. The GPS, sleep pattern, heart rate, and step count detectors all seemed accurate and informative. The Amazfit Pace's battery life is perhaps its greatest strength. The watch’s average of 3.5-5 days of regular use is excellent compared to many competitors.

The Amazfit Pace is unfortunately lacking in the software department. We found the pairing process to be particularly tedious and frustrating; it should not have taken over ten attempts to pair the Amazfit Pace and our Moto G4. With that said, we're told that future updates should help smooth the process.
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The minimal third-party app integration is also disappointing. Strava is the only mobile app that can track and document workouts for users. There is also no way to permanently record users’ sleep patterns, steps, and heart rate, or work-outs that do not include running or walking. The watch only receives notifications for third-party apps and is unable to respond to text messages and other social media notifications. To top it off, users are unable to access music apps like Spotify. Users must instead download MP3 and M4A files and create playlists, a process which could also be somewhat time-consuming. 

The Amazfit Pace was very much designed with runners in mind. The excellent battery life, reliable GPS and Bluetooth, and accurate sleep pattern, heart rate, and step count detectors are perfect for runners that want to collect data about their training. It's relatively low price tag is also a plus.  With a few software tweaks, however, this could be a great smartwatch that would appeal to a far wider audience.

  • Stylish, sturdy design 
  • Reliable GPS, sleep, step, and heart rate sensors
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Lack of third-party integration
  • Few music options
  • Unreliable pairing process
  • Difficult to record information outside of the watch 

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