Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch Review: Sleek, Attractive, And Great Battery Life

Amazfit Pace: Design, Comfort, and Battery Life

The Amazfit Pace includes a round, flat-tire watch face and features a zirconia ceramics and glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate case. A little button on the right side of the watch face turns the device on and off. The silica gel strap is available in black or red. The strap is fairly comfortable and includes a number of notches for different size wrists, which fit quite snuggly on my wrist. The watch features a clean, sporty design which may not be appropriate in professional environments, but is attractive nonetheless. The strap can be replaced with standard watch bands, however, Amazfit does not sell substitute styles. This watch is nevertheless the perfect aesthetic match for those who love the sporty chic look. 

watch flat

It is important to note that this watch may not be the best choice for someone with small wrists. I am unusually small-boned and found that the watch looked quite bulky on me and felt somewhat heavy. Since there is only one size for the watch, others with small wrists may have the same issues. 

watchface on wrist

The Amazit Pace carries an IP67 rating, which indicates that the watch is resistant to dust and can withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 mins. Interestingly enough, I found that flour used for baking -- which is essentially a fine dust -- stuck onto the strap, but the actual watch face remained clear. I did not personally test the water-resistant claims, however, I found that the watch was unaffected from splashes of water while I was washing dishes and sweat was a non-issue as well.


One of the watch’s selling points is its always-on transflective color LCD touch screen. We found the screen to be a bit difficult to see in low lighting, however it was perfect in bright sunshine. Users who exercise outside will be able to easily see the watch face. 

The Amazfit Pace is powered by a 280mAh lithium polymer battery. The website claims that the watch lasts eleven days under basic use, five days for regular use and thirty-five hours with continuous heart-rate and GPS tracking. What is basic use versus regular use, you ask? Basic use means that the Amazfit Pace functions as just a watch. “Regular use” would include notifications from your smartphone, playing music, etc. If you are an athlete, “GPS mode” will be enough to get you through a 100km marathon. I did find that the watch lasted between 3.5-5 days in regular use mode, which is very good. It takes roughly two hours to charge the watch, from dead to 100%. Overall, the battery life is great, and significantly better than other smartwatches we have tested in the past.

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