Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch Review: Sleek, Attractive, And Great Battery Life

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Amazfit Pace Software

The Amazfit Pace’s software is actually a custom OS implementation, however, the device is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Users will need to download the Amazfit Pace app from the Google Play store. After installing the app, it will walk you through the process of pairing the Amazfit to your phone. This process requires scanning a QR code that pops up on your watch. The pairing procedure should have only taken a few minutes, but due to some unforeseen issues, it took us at least ten attempts to pair the Amazfit Pace with our Moto G4 (you can find our review of that phone here). Once synced, we did not notice any connection drops, but it should be noted that others have reported similar issues when pairing the Amazit Pace to the Moto G4.

watch pairing

The watch’s settings can be adjusted in the mobile app once paired. Users can choose from thirteen watch faces that instantly update once selected. You can also enable push notifications for your various mobile apps, adjust the sequence of applications on your watch, view how much battery life your watch has left, sync to your phone, etc. The changes made in the mobile app were quickly reflected on the watch interface. There is also a help section on the bottom of the app with frequently asked questions and the terms of service. 

The Amazfit Pace features screens dedicated to the a clock, weather, a compass, an alarm, a stopwatch, music, and the user’s sleep patterns, heart rate, and step count. The user’s sleep pattern, heart rate, and step count update every time the user swipes to that specific screen. The watch also offers an in-depth look at the the user’s heart rate. The sensor will evaluate the user’s heart rate and then ask whether the user is exercising or at rest, and whether the user feels relaxed, tired, or sick. The user’s responses indicate their overall well being. For example, if the user had a high heartrate and reported that they were at rest and feeling sick, the watch would inform the user that they were unwell and should monitor their basal body temperature. The sleep pattern, heart rate, and step count detectors all appeared to be accurate, or at least as accurate as other wearable with similar sensors. Sadly, there is no way to track your sleep data outside of the watch. This information is also only stored for three days on the watch.

battery life

Users can activate daily weather reminders and warnings, and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the watch only features a 24-hour or “military clock”. This is not a huge issue, however, it would be nice to be able to switch to a 12-hour clock.

There is also a screen dedicated to starting, ending, and monitoring work-outs. Users can choose between running, walking, running indoors, and running on a trail. Once the user has selected their activity, the watch will search for a GPS signal. The signal is not necessary to track a workout, however, it does help the user see their route at the end. Once you have finished your work-out, you will be told your heart rate and mileage and be given a map of the route you took. 

start workout

We have a few complaints about this process. First, there are a number of screens a user must click and swipe through in order to track their work-outs properly. Second, the watch only tracks a limited variety of workouts. Although I personally love to go on hikes and walks, my everyday work-out usually consists of yoga. Users will need to download the Strava mobile app in order to log other work-out types. This is one of the few third party apps that is truly compatible with the Amazfit Pace. The watch only works alongside other apps with regards to notifications. Users will be unable to respond to text messages, phone calls, or other notifications. For example, I have a water consumption reminder app on my phone. The Amazfit Pace will remind me to drink the water, however, I cannot otherwise respond to the watch or use it track my water intake.

Users are able to download up to 400 songs on the Amazfit Pace and rock-out during their workouts with wireless Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, or speakers. This feature allows users to listen to music with their watch without having to tote around their phone. There are limitations, however, to this capability. First, the watch is only able to store MP3 and M4A file formats. Second, the watch is not compatible with third-party apps like Pandora or Spotify. Last, you are unable to skip songs on the watch. Users will need to create a playlist that they enjoy from the get-go before downloading it onto their watch.

music screen

The actual interface is quite responsive to the touch. There was no lag swiping between screens and animations are smooth and fluid. It is important to note that you must double-tap your watch to “wake” it up and there will be a one or two second pause before the user can start swiping away, however.

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