Alienware M18x R2 Gaming Laptop: Dual GPUs Attack

Battery Life

Let's be real, you don't purchase a system like the M18x R2 with the expectation of great battery life. If it can stay on long enough to plug the cord back into the wall after accidentally tripping over it, you should consider it a win. Nevertheless, this is still technically a laptop, so it's worth examining. Here are the results from our Battery Eater Pro tests.

Battery Life Test
Heavy and Light Workloads

One thing to keep in mind here is that the M18x R2 is driving a larger size display than your average gaming laptop, which are typically 17.3 inches or 15.6 inches in size. We've even seen some gaming notebooks trend towards the 11.6-inch category. With an 18.4-inch display, the M18x R2 inevitably draws more power than smaller size systems. Factor in the dual GPUs and fast CPU, and you can see why it conks out after just over an hour.

Of course, battery life will vary depending on your particular setup and usage habits. What's more, you can disable the discrete GPUs and switch to the integrated graphics to improve battery life, if desired. That could come in handy if you're toting this thing on a business trip with the intent of getting some work done before settling in for a evening of fragging from the confines of your hotel room.

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