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The Iconia W510 runs on a full version of Windows 8. Although the OS consumes a good chunk of the tablet's 64GB of storage, there's still room for pictures, documents, and movies. Even after installing various benchmarks and putting a few files on the machine, we still had over 25GB of free space. Keep in mind you can add additional storage via a microSD card. You can also connect additional storage using the microUSB port on the tablet or the USB port on the keyboard dock.


Applications that come preloaded on the Iconia W510 include AcerCloud, Media, Hulu Plus, and much more.

Acer includes its unique Acer Ring interface with the Iconia W510. You can bring up the Acer Ring by placing five fingers on the screen. This interface lets you launch apps, programs, and websites. You can customize the ring to your liking.  By default, the Acer Ring shows favorite apps, documents, photos, videos, and device controls (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto Brightness, and Acer Ring Gestures). You can also control the system volume and music playback with the Acer Ring.

Acer includes a number of applications with the W510 including AcerCloud, Media, Photo, Hulu Plus, iCookbook SE, Netflix, Spotify, and more.


Control the W510 using the Acer Ring (left), or use the W510 as a digital cookbook with iCookbook (right).

The native screen resolution on the Iconia W510 is 1,366 x 768. Overall, the screen is colorful and vibrant but there were times where we wished the screen supported a higher resolution.

In taking a look at the Windows Experience Index, you can see this system earns a score of 3.3. Keep in mind the Iconia W510 isn't designed to be a powerhouse system. Instead, it's designed to be a very portable and affordable Windows 8 tablet that offers some additional functionality, beyond simple media consumption, and longevity via the keyboard dock and its internal battery.


The Iconia W510 runs a full version of Windows 8.

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