Acer Iconia Tab W510 Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet

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Acer's Iconia W510 looks a lot like many tablets on the market today—it uses a basic rectangular form with rounded corners and straight edges. The back of the tablet is covered in a silver finish while about three quarters of the edge is surrounded in white plastic. This white plastic edge is visible from the front of the device. The keyboard dock features white keys and a silver finish.

Docking the W510 is easy, as there are two placeholders that help you align the tablet with the dock. Thanks to these placeholders, we had no problem aligning the tablet and docking it with one hand. You'll hear a click when the tablet snaps into place. To remove the tablet from the dock, slide the unlock switch on the hinging portion of the dock. Because of the placement of the unlock switch and the need to slide it, you'll need two hands to remove the tablet from the dock.

The keyboard on the dock feels a little small but overall is very comfortable to use. The touchpad is responsive, but it doesn't support gestures. Since we've grown accustomed to using gestures to scroll and zoom on other machines, we often found ourselves missing this functionality. On the left side of the keyboard/battery dock, you'll find a power plug. The right edge near the hinge houses a USB 2.0 port.

Taking a closer look at the tablet, you'll find a speaker grill on the left edge along with the Iconia logo. The top edge of the tablet houses a headphones jack, a sliding screen orientation lock switch, and power button with battery led. On the right edge, you'll find a speaker grill, microSD card slot, micro USB port, micro HDMI port, and volume rocker. You can charge the tablet using the same power cable as you use for the dock. The charging port on the tablet is located on the bottom edge close to the center of the tablet.

An 8MP camera with LED flash is located on the back of the tablet near the center on the top edge. The NFC contact area is located on the left half of the tablet about halfway in between the camera and the Acer logo. After leaving the tablet connected to the dock for a number of hours, we noticed the right half of the back of the tablet was warm. It wasn't so warm that you couldn't hold the tablet comfortably, but you'll definitely notice the extra heat.

On the front of the tablet, you'll find the 2MP front-facing webcam centered above the display in the bezel. The Windows logo below the screen is a touch-sensitive button.

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