Acer C720 Chromebook Review

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Performance Summary: Considering the competition, the Acer C720 Chromebook delivered solid scores in our web-based benchmarks. In our hands-on time with the machine, we were pleased with this chromebook’s performance; the system’s responsiveness is always snappy, the keyboard and touchpad are pleasant to use, and the device itself just feels sturdy despite its surprising lack of heft. The audio performance, though nothing noteworthy on its own, is excellent for a pair of laptop speakers, especially on such a slim and light device. And the battery will last you all day.

The Acer C720 Chromebook is simply a nice product. In terms of the end user experience, the design and build is so good that it makes you want to keep the computer perched on your lap, which is rare when using such a smallish notebook. The array of ports give you plenty of options for peripherals and connectivity; for example, having two USB ports, one on each side of the device, is great, and the full HDMI port and SD card slot are welcome additions, too.

I can sum it all up by listing the number of glitches, crashes, headaches, and complaints that I experienced while using and testing the Acer C720, which is: Zero. Not a single thing went wrong over the course of this review.

To the question of whether or not the Acer C720 Chromebook, or any chromebook for that matter, can replace your laptop, the answer is “It depends.” (Sorry.) If you need a single computer for your whole life, a chromebook will probably fall short. However, if you’re a student with access to on-campus labs or a professional that has a PC at work, a chromebook might be perfect, because it can handle many of the computing tasks that most people need.

Further, chromebooks may be ideal solutions for giving multiple family members their own computers without breaking the bank. Many families would subsist just fine with a shared desktop or laptop and a few chromebooks, whether they’re for Mom and Dad to have their own private laptops or for the kids to alternately do schoolwork and noodle around online.

In short, for those who find themselves enjoying the benefits of using a traditional PC as their primary computer, a chromebook is an excellent secondary device. The problem with a lot of secondary devices such as tablets and even traditional laptops is that they can be uncomfortably expensive. Sometimes it’s tough to justify dropping $350, $500, or upwards of $750 for something that isn’t your primary machine, no matter how amazing the device may be.

And this is where chromebooks can really shine: They offer a secondary device with a pleasing user experience that can do almost everything a normal PC can do, but they cost much less than most other options available. This excellent Acer C720 Chromebook costs just $249, which is hardly more than you’ll pay for the average 7-inch tablet. (As we mentioned earlier, a $199 version is coming, too.)

If you’re looking for a straight-up notebook replacement you may find the Acer C720 somewhat lacking, but if you're looking for a secondary device that's enjoyable to use and won't cost you much, you’ll probably dig this machine.



  • Low price
  • Solid design and build
  • Surprisingly good audio
  • Great end user experience
  • Not a full laptop replacement
  • Bezel and chassis attract fingerprints

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