Acer C720 Chromebook Review

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Performance and Benchmarks

In the following tests, we take a look at how the Acer C720 Chromebook compares to other Chromebooks as well as some standard notebooks by running a few common benchmarks that are currently available on the web.

Rightware BrowserMark 2.0
Chrome Browser Testing

The Acer C720’s score in Rightware BrowserMark foreshadows the rest of our benchmarks: this Chromebook doesn’t top this bank of competitors very much, but most of these devices boast burlier specs--most notably better processors. In fact, with the exception of the Samsung Series 5 chromebook, which runs an Intel Atom processor all have an Intel Core series chip inside.

All things considered, the Acer chromebook hung in there quite well. It was a step or two behind the top three finishers, but ahead of the Acer Travelmate and far ahead of the Samsung Chromebook.

SunSpider 1.0
Chrome Browser Testing

Although it still finished fourth, the Acer C720 scored close to the Google Chromebook Pixel. It didn’t score as closely to the Dell and Lenovo notebooks as you’d like to see, but as we mentioned before, the Acer C720 is hanging in there with machines sporting stronger specs. The most important item to note here is that compared to the other two chromebooks in our test bank, the Acer is doing quite well.

Mozilla Kraken
Chrome Browser Testing

The Mozilla Kraken results aren’t great for the Acer C720; the performance delta between it and most of the competition is greater than in some of our other tests.

Note, however, that we cut the Samsung Series 5 chromebook score from this one (14,044.60) because leaving it in would have wrecked our graph.

Chrome Web Browser

WebVizBench is a more complex, very unique benchmark that pushes a browser's HTML5 rendering to its limits. Hundreds of albums are floated across the screen, with multiple real-time image layers overlaid as well. The Acer C720 was much more impressive in this test, besting the Chromebook Pixel by a longshot and nipping closely at the heels of Dell Latitude E6530.

Google Octane
Chrome Browser Testing

Although the Acer C720 blasted past the other Acer notebook in the group as well as the Samsung Series 5, it wasn’t even close to the top three finishers in the Google Octane test.

Microsoft Fishbowl
Chrome Browser Testing

Fishbowl is a graphically-intense benchmark that places an array of fish on-screen, along with other intense elements, in order to push a browser experience to the max. Our Acer C720 finished behind the top three finishers, but as we’ve seen in our other tests, it bested the latter two systems.

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