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The Abit SD7-533 Motherboard With Crucial DDR PC2700 Memory
A SiS645 Pentium 4 board with Abit flare - DDR PC2700 Done Right With Crucial

By, Dave Altavilla
April 23, 2002


PCMark 2002, also from MadOnion.com, is a fairly new benchmark tool that we are using these days in the HotHardware.com Lab.

PCMark 2002 CPU Performance Test and Quake 3
Easy to use and relative testing from the good folks at MadOnion

Here's what the folks at MadOnion say about the CPU Test in this benchmark suite.

PCMark 2002 - CPU Test: 

This test performs the following benchmarks:

  • JPEG decompression
  • Zlib compression & decompression
  • Text search
  • MP3 Audio Conversion
  • 3D Vector Calculation

The overall CPU score is calculated from the results of tests described above according to the formula:
CPU Score =  { JPEG Decompression*60,6 + (FileCompression*153,8 + FileDecompression*12,4)/2 + TextSearch*4,9 + AudioConversion*11,1 + 3DVectorCalculation* 16,7 }

This formula has been obtained by separately fixing the individual results on multiple manufacturers' high-end systems to a reference point. The final weighting (multipliers) have then been averaged from the individual weightings.


Here, once again, the song remains the same.  The two platforms are neck and neck with a slight nod to the SiS645 board this time.  Again, the differential is quite small however, at less than 2% and also within this test's margin of error.

Let's wrap with a little Q3 Time Demo action...

Here we've isolated processor and system memory performance with a low resolution 640X480 16 bit color test.  The GeForce3 Ti 500 card we used for testing, will not be the limiting factor in this type of test setup.  Another virtual repeat is displayed here, with the SiS645 based SD7-533 less than 2 frames behind the i850/RDRAM driven TH7II-RAID. With good PC2700 memory, the DDR333 platform for the P4 can certainly compete with most any i850 and PC800 RDRAM setup.


We certainly learned a lot in this review and we hope you were able to take something away from it as well.  First, PC2700 DRAM technology is finally a reality and the merits of using good PC2700 qualified DDR modules, like those we tested from Crucial, are obvious.  Prior to today, running a SiS645 board with anything less, is like fighting with one hand bound behind you back.  On the other hand, when the SiS645 is paired up with good quality PC2700 DDR DRAM, it competes handily with the i850 and PC800 RDRAM.  However, as we know now, Intel is once again upping the anti with the soon to be released i850E chipset, which will bring PC1066 RDRAM support as well as a 533MHz FSB to the platform.  The question there is, how long will end users have to wait for qualified PC1066 RDRAM and for Intel to qualify it?

Regardless, we are certainly impressed with what the SiS645 has become with maturity and good memory.  The Abit SD7-533 is a fine example of a quality SiS645 based design but not without a couple of caveats.  First, the Front Side Bus Divisors for AGP, PCI and Memory Timings, is completely and unnecessarily complicated and confusing.  Abit needs to go back and take a look at this setup and hopefully release a BIOS that makes things a little more user friendly.  Furthermore, while they're at it, we would like to see a little more voltage boost available for CPU overclocking as well.  Add to that a little Highpoint RAID, Integrated LAN or both and we'll have a near perfect SiS645 board.  However, we need to remind you as well, that this board is more targeted to the value segment.  The SD7-533, with its less than $90 street price tag, is a welcome addition to getting top end Pentium 4 performance, without the added cost of an i850 motherboard.


Abit's SD7-533:

We're giving the Abit SD7-533 a HotHardware Heat Meter Rating of...  7.5


Crucial DDR PC2700 DRAM Modules:

While we're at it we're going to give Crucial's PC2700 Memory a little Heat Meter action all its own and we think you'll like it... 9


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