Abit's SD7533 SiS645 P4 Motherboard and Crucial DDR

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The Abit SD7-533 Motherboard With Crucial DDR PC2700 Memory
A SiS645 Pentium 4 board with Abit flare - DDR PC2700 Done Right With Crucial

By, Dave Altavilla
April 23, 2002

Let's fire up our most favorite Direct 3D System Performance Benchmark, 3DMark 2001SE from MadOnion.com.  Although we've tested at the default resolution and color depth, which is 1024X768 at 32 bit color, this test does weight processor and system memory performance accordingly.  As long as identical components are used in testing, you can draw a fair conclusion on general performance levels of the motherboard and memory subsystem.

Head-to-Head / Performance Progression SD7-533 Vrs. Abit TH7II-RAID
Real DDR333 Versus RDRAM

Well now... that's what is generally know as being within "striking distance".  Here we see the Abit SD7-533 and the SiS645 come within less than a 2% differential over all, versus the i850 based TH7II-RAID test system we setup here.  With these kind of numbers, justifying the small premium you'll pay for the i850 platform, can be difficult.

Winstone Benchmarks
Tools of the trade benchmarking:  Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1 , Adobe Premiere 6.0 , Macromedia Director 8.5 , Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 etc...



Remember what we cautioned you against with respect to drive subsystem performance and the SiS645 Southbridge?  In the Business Winstone test, a test that relies much more heavily on disk I/O performance, we see a fairly significant delta between the SD7-533 and it's i850 rival.  The differential is only about 4% here but that is significantly more than what we saw in 3DMark 2001SE.  On the flip side, take a look at how close the Content Creation 2002 scores are here.  Frankly, they are well within the margin of error for this test.  Content Creation Winstone 2002 is significantly more CPU intensive and far less dependant on disk I/O performance.  As a result, we get more of a picture of what CPU and System Memory performance is like between the two boards.  It's pretty much a dead heat.


Quake 3, PCMark 2002 and The Ratings

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