Abit KX7333R Motherboard Review

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The ABIT KX7-333R Motherboard Review
Plain on the Outside, Potent on the Inside

By, Jeff Bouton
June 27, 2002


Benchmarks and Comparisons
Full System Tests...

MadOnion's PCMark2002Pro:

PcMark2002 isolates the components that most directly affect the system's performance as a whole, the CPU, Memory, and Hard Drives.  First, we'll run the CPU test and see how the KX7-333R compares to the Soyo KT333 Dragon Utlra.

The ABIT system had the upper hand in the CPU tests, topping the Soyo board by 28 points.  Next, we'll check memory performance.

Once again the ABIT system took the prize with a commanding lead of 145 points over the Dragon Ultra.  Next stop...hard drive performance.

Here the ABIT KX7-333R dominated the Dragon, taking top honors with a 192 point lead.

So with PCMark2002, the ABIT KX7-333R was the best performer across the board (no pun intended).  However, it is only fair to point out, as we mentioned in the Soyo review, the latest BIOS release for the Dragon may level the playing field a bit. 

Now let's wrap things up, letting the ABIT KX7-333R take a swing at Content Creation 2002 and Business Winstone 2001.


Content Creation, Business Winstone & Conclusion

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