Abit KV8 Pro Motherboard - The K8T800 Pro Has Arrived

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FutureMark's PCMark04 and 3DMark03 - CPU Test

FutureMark's PCMark04
A Great All-In-One Test

FutureMark's PCMark04 tests a system's four key components, CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and Graphics performance.  When the tests are complete, the program issues scores for each system component as well as an overall score.  We've included results from several motherboards for comparison, including the MSI K8N Neo Platinum and EPoX EP-K8DA3+ based on the newly released NFORCE3 250Gb as well as the Foxconn 775A01 running the impressive SiS755 chipset.  For good measure we included the MSI K8T Neo which was designed around the original K8T800.

When we look at the Total score from all 5 boards, there is no dominant leader, but when it came down to it, the NFORCE3 and SiS755 boards were on top.  When we began to break it down though, the picture became a little clearer.  The CPU results were quite close, with the SiS755 and the original K8T800 making the strongest showing, with the ABIT KV8 Pro beating out the MSI NFORCE3 Gb board by a few points.  With the Memory scores we saw a little more variation in results with the ABIT KV8 Pro posting the best results overall, beating out the second place SiS755 by 10 points.  In the Graphics module, the SiS755 was tough to beat with the two NFORCE3 board's taking second and third place.  Even the K8T800 managed to beat its successor by 15 points.  With the final module being hard drive performance, we saw the SiS755 take a sharp decline while the NFORCE3's pushed the ABIT KV8 to third position.

As we reflect on these results and compare the K8T800 and the K8T800 Pro scores, we see the biggest gains to be found with Hard Drive and Memory performance. None of the scores were overwhelmingly impressive considering the chipset is "new", but its the newer Athlon 64 processors that may show a wider margin if they take greater advantage of the available Ultra V-Link bandwidth.

FutureMark's 3DMark03 - CPU Test
Focusing on CPU Performance

The next test we ran was the CPU Test within 3DMark03.  While the benchmark has lost favor as an accurate video card benchmark, we find the CPU test to be quite useful for benchmarking motherboards because the same video hardware and drivers are used throughout.

This time around the SiS755 took top honors, but the K8T800 and NFORCE3 boards were right in the thick of it.  Once again, the scores were quite close with the MSI K8T Neo being the slowest of all boards tested and the Abit KV8 Pro landing somewhere in the middle of the pack.

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