Abit KV8 Pro Motherboard - The K8T800 Pro Has Arrived

VIA's K8T800Pro Chipset

VIA's K8T800 Pro Chipset
A Brief Overview of What's Changed


When you compare the list of features of the K8T800 and K8T800 Pro, the only changes you'll see pertain to the Bus Architecture.  The link between the Northbridge and Southbridge can run Asynchronously on the K8T800 Pro.  The K8T800 does not have this capability.  The K8T800 Pro's "Ultra V-Link" feature, as it is known, allowed VIA to increase the speed of the link between the Northbridge and Southbridge, which results in a peak bandwidth increase, from 533MB/s to 1066MB/s.  By creating a wider pipeline between the two chips, we can hope to see increased performance across the board in instances where the bus was flooded beyond the original 533MB/s pipeline.  The K8T800 Pro also has an AGP/PCI lock, that should give users much more freedom while overclocking.  By locking the AGP and PCI clock speeds, users won't have to worry about running sensitive component out of spec when overclocking their processors.  Unfortunately, VIA's AGP/PCI lock has been tough to implement.  We've tested two other K8T800 Pros so far, and haven't seen a functioning AGP/PCI lock yet.

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