2014 Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook With Touch Review

Software And User Experience

Dell claims the XPS 13 can boot from cold in as little as 12 seconds and resume from sleep in as little as 3 seconds. Our experience proves this to be true—the system boots very quickly and wakes in an instant.

The XPS 13 comes preloaded with Windows 8.1. Other than the standard set of applications you’ll get with Windows, there isn’t a ton of bloatware on the XPS 13. We would much rather pick out our own software than spend time uninstalling programs we have no intentions of using, so we’re happy to see a system that’s almost clean out of the box. 

Still, there are a few extras that come with the XPS 13 including McAfee LiveSafe, a trial of Microsoft Office 365, My Dell, and PocketCloud. PocketCloud 2.0 gives you access to content and applications from a different PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can also edit and share your files using this service. After using PocketCloud 2.0, you have the option to upgrade to Premium service and enable multiple connections to other devices.

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