Rockstar’s GTA 6 Trailer Looms Near, What To Expect In This Month’s Big Reveal

hero gta6 photo logo composite
Let's talk about Grand Theft Auto for a bit. Despite only having five mainline games in the series since the breakout hit Grand Theft Auto III moved millions of PlayStation 2s in 2001, the "GTA" franchise has continued to be one of the most important in all of gaming. If you need evidence for that claim, look no further than the absolutely insane hype around everything that has to do with GTA VI.

Yesterday, Rockstar announced its intention to release "Trailer 1" on this coming Tuesday, December 5th. Ironically, the company didn't actually state that the trailer would be for GTA VI, but come on. The image features a beach scene with palm trees and seagulls at sunset—a clear evocation of the known Vice City setting for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

rockstar gta6 trailer1 tease cropped

So, what should we expect from the first trailer for GTA VI? Well, darn us for being cynics, but don't get your hopes up. Rockstar typically plays its cards close to its chest, even close to the release of a new GTA title, and we're probably not close. In fact, we don't expect to see the game in 2024, and maybe not even in 2025. That doesn't mean that there's no reason to get excited, though.

You see, it's been ten years already since the launch of GTA V. That's right: it was 2013 and the title released as a last gasp for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That game has survived three console generations already. We rather expect that Rockstar will be going for a similar sort of generation-straddling strategy with GTA VI, especially considering how successful GTA Online has been for the company.

rockstargames tweet happy moon festival
The "VI" on the left side of this tweet made fans go insane with theories.

In those ten years, fans have been picking apart every single detail of every communication from the company for any possible hint or connection to Rockstar's other properties or upcoming games. At this point, fans are rabid for GTA VI, and Rockstar knows that. You can bet that the trailer will be one of the most carefully-edited videos that has ever been released, and we're sure there will be plenty of details to garner from it.

In the strictest sense, we really don't "know" anything about GTA VI yet. Despite all that we've heard from leaks and rumors—most notably the massive leak last year that included numerous gameplay videos of an early version—Rockstar hasn't actually announced anything at all about the game besides that it is in development. Because of that, we're loathe to talk about what is likely to show up in the video, because Rockstar could have changed its plans at any time. Companies often do that after major leaks.

lucia jason concept hossein diba
Lucia & Jason concept renders based on the leak (Hossein Diba at Artstation)

Still, there are some things we expect to see. We imagine that the game likely still centers around at least two protagonists: a Bonnie and Clyde-like pair possibly named Lucia and Jason, respectively. We also are fairly certain at this point that the game will indeed be set in and around the series' analog for Miami, Florida known as Vice City. Even if leaks hadn't revealed that, we could guess as much from the teaser image in the tweet.

A big question remains around the game's timeline, though. GTA V takes place in the year of the game's release, 2013, as did GTA IV, which was naturally set in 2008. However, previous entries in the series, particularly GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City, as well as many of the spin-off titles, took place in different historical eras. The leaks suggested that the game is set in the present-day, but again, Rockstar could have changed its plans since then.

Whatever the case, you can be we'll be going over the video with a fine-toothed comb to glean whatever information we can from its carefully-curated frames. Stop by on Tuesday to check out our analysis.

Unofficial (but gorgeous) GTA VI logo in top image created by Loopinnu on DeviantArt.