GTA 6 Rumors Spiral Out Of Control As Latest Leak Suggests A Bonkers Price Tag

gta car shot
There are games out there that gamers drool over with anticipation to an extraordinary degree. Then there's Grand Theft Auto VI, which seems to have rocketed into the stratosphere in the minds of eager gamers everywhere. This is where both PC and console gamers are jointly united, hoping to one day finally sit down and experience what Rockstar Games has on offer with its latest installment in the franchise. And apparently, all of the development costs incurred on this game won't come cheap for gamers, either. 

We recently witnessed some rumors that the next generation graphics in GTA 6 will be absolutely eye-watering. Coupled with realistic physics and a dynamic environment, we're already rubbing our eyes just waiting to see it. While that's exciting, even more juicy rumors typically revolve around the potential release date of this title. That's still up in the air, and so is the final pricing. There are some speculations that the game may cost up to $150 dollars, however - a spicy proposition even for GTA 6

Newly Released Games With Steam Pricing

If we gaze upon the newly released games on Steam, we see that the trend appears to be pricing new titles around the $59.99 mark. You'll often see a few for less, and even some coming in at $69.99 for the standard version of the games. While a game such as Mortal Kombat 1 starts at $69.99, this is only the regular version. If you want all of the bells and whistles, you'll have to pony up $109.99 for the premium edition. This isn't even the most expensive premium offering you'll find out in the video game world, either. 

Very vague rumors point to $150, but this gives us a starting point for some fun speculation. We already know how popular of a title GTA 5 has been, so there is certainly cause for offering a premium game in GTA 6. We can also expect such a massive title will be incredibly expensive to produce, almost necessitating a larger price tag. While the initial asking price is one way to make gamers pay up for the privilege, it certainly isn't the only one. Unpopular micro transactions and various in-game add-ons can also add up to make it a pricey experience overall. 

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Having said that, it's very possible GTA 6 may see its standard version more in line with the $69.99 games we've seen this year. It's such a popular and wide release on various platforms, that the volume alone should help to keep some pricing in check. The premium versions of the game are a completely different story, however. It will depend on the value proposition that they present for gamers, and what they include over the standard game. It's very easy to see how a beefy premium version can certainly skyrocket to the $150 or above range, for those willing to shell out the extra cash.