Take-Two Patent Hints At Exciting Animation Tech Headed To Grand Theft Auto 6

One of the key indicators of how highly anticipated a video game title is can be found in the most mundane of details that are brought to light. For those waiting for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 6, even the tiniest of morsels containing potential hints at what the game may be like, is welcomed. While tempting rumors surrounding potential release dates and pricing abound, graphics is another highly interesting topic that peaks the attention of gamers.

We've recently witnessed the beauty of what next generation gaming can look like with the stellar Alan Wake 2 giving us an impressive graphical journey. GTA 6 has also had its fair share of related rumors with its potential next generation graphics capabilities. This time, there appears to be a potential hint that deals with the animation of characters stemming from a Take-Two patent. 
While the patent document itself is of course fairly technical, we can get some hints as to how characters may behave in GTA 6. Aside from stunning graphics, there's been hints lately that the environment itself will also be highly dynamic and engaging. Things such as changing weather patterns and times of day are all expected. This certainly has been something gamers want to see, with highly praised titles such as Nintendo's Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom showing developers what it means to have an immersive world. 

It only makes sense that the characters will also have dynamic and highly fluid movements in GTA 6, as the patent indicates. According to Reddit user Tobbelobben who initially found this information, a "Library of small building blocks" is being utilized. This would allow the characters in this game to match the dynamic and fluid nature of the rest of the environment. Small details such as these matter tremendously for giving gamers the feeling of immersion and realism that modern games are striving to achieve.
patent take two
A snippet of Take-Two's GTA 6 Patent

There are certainly valid reasons for GTA 6 having the most advanced character animations imaginable. First, this highly anticipated title has been in the works for years, with the stratospheric budget to match. The expectation is for gamers to be "Wowed" upon release, and hopefully the next generation implementation also translates to optimized performance. 

GTA 6 is also the next installment of the insanely popular GTA 5, which has had tremendous staying power on the gaming charts. This long-term oriented franchise therefore will benefit from the best technology possible, as it ages gracefully. The precedent is there for games that push the envelope technologically with the previous titles in this franchise. While insane movement and graphics won't necessarily dictate if the gameplay and overall package are a sure-fire winner, it certainly is an important part of the winning package. Now whether the patented tech comes to fruition in the next GTA title, we'll just have to wait and see.