Rockstar Appears To Tease GTA 6 Launch And Gamers Are Over The Moon With Hype

hero gta6 photo logo composite
Most of Rockstar Games is probably hard at work on GTA 6 right now, but the part that isn't is still working to keep GTA Online running. Yes, ten years after the original launch of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online is still being actively-supported with new content, even if some of Rockstar's changes have been contentious among players, like drastically limiting the availability of all of the most interesting vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, those intrepid employees working to keep the lights on for GTA Online players frequently post announcements on Xwitter of upcoming events and updates to the game. One such recent announcement has GTA fans foaming at the mouth with excitement, as they believe that it is the first official teaser for GTA 6 from Rockstar.

rockstargames tweet happy moon festival

Yep, this tweet. It's about the Happy Moon Festival that's currently ongoing in GTA Online; you can login to get a free shirt for your avatar in the crime simulator. The image showing off the shirt features two player-created characters standing in front of the Vinewood sign in Los Santos, a clear parody of the Hollywood sign in Hollywood. The shot appears to be carefully-framed so that the "VI" of the Vinewood sign is visible, while most of the rest of the sign is obscured by the characters and a tree.

Well, fair enough, right? VI is six in Roman numerals, and the next GTA game will likely be called "GTA 6", even though it will actually be the eighth main-series game. What would such a teaser mean, though? The conspicuous presence of "VI" in the image is a decent start to assuming some kind of teaser or easter egg, but what else in the image has anything to do with GTA 6?

gta6 teaser theory
GTA 6 teaser theory image created by @GTAVInewz on Twitter.

Nothing, really, but that hasn't stopped rabid GTA fans from imagining all kinds of possibilities. These range from theories about the content of the shirt itself, about the ethnicities of the characters in the image, and most commonly, theories about the other conspicuous background object in the image, the moon. People—mostly Dirty Worka on Xwitter—have theorized that the phase of the moon indicates when Rockstar will announce GTA 6.

Comically, Rockstar posted another tweet yesterday about a different event in GTA Online. After the discussion of the previous post, many users have posted hilarious edits of the new tweet's image proposing ridiculous theories about it also being a GTA VI teaser.

gtabase gta6 parody

We're all looking forward to GTA 6. Rockstar's games usually push the envelope in terms of technology, game design, and tastefulness, all of which have taken great strides since the release of GTA V on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013. Indeed, we've heard that GTA VI could have advanced NPC AI, and that it will use bleeding-edge rendering technology that may not even be possible on the current consoles. Picking apart everything that Rockstar posts is probably a waste of time, though.

Unofficial (but gorgeous) GTA VI logo in top image created by Loopinnu on Deviantart.