Intel Press Release, Steelpad S&S Gaming Mouse Pad, Albatron GeForce 6800 Ultra and Others

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Having Difficulty Writing 64-Bit Code? Intel Introduces Suite Of Tools, Expertise To Help

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 4, 2004 - Intel Corporation today announced new software tools to help developers design, analyze and optimize applications running on Intel-based platforms supporting Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel EM64T). Intel already offers similar products for its Intel Itanium 2 processor family.

Intel software products with support for Intel EM64T, which allows computing platforms to access larger amounts of memory, include the Intel Compilers, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, the Intel VTune™ Performance Analyzers and the Intel Math Kernel Library. These tools support Windows* and Linux* operating systems, and can be used with Intel Xeon™ and Intel Pentium 4 processor-based servers and workstations.

The tools can also be used for future Intel-based PCs that support Intel EM64T. Intel plans to introduce this technology in its desktop processor line when commensurate operating system support is available.

"Developers understand that turning 32-bit code into 64-bit code is not easy, regardless of whether an Intel platform or a competitive component is being used," said Jonathan Khazam, general manager of Intel's Software Products Division. "Intel offers software developers the expertise and tools for Intel EM64T to make the job easier and application performance remarkably better."

For the full Press Release: Click Here

 Steelpad S&S Professional Gaming Mouse Pad Review @ RojackPot

"The professional gaming gear manufacturer Steel co-developed the Steelpad S&S gaming mouse pad with members of Clan Shroet Kommandos. As such, it's no wonder the Steelpad S&S has won the favour of many professional gaming clans out there like 4-Kings and Team 3D."

 Albatron GeForce 6800 Ultra @ PCStats

"With so many differently clocked 6800 models to choose from, consumers have a couple of routes to follow. They can shop on price points alone, or shop smart and overclock for a little after-the-fact performance upgrade. For example, the Albatron GeForce 6800GT is not quite as fast 6800 Ultra version, but with its core running at 350MHz it is still plenty powerful, and a heck of a lot less expensive than a 6800 Ultra. It's also safe to assume that the 6800GT is overclockable to Geforce 6800 Ultra levels (400MHz core), and in fact in our own round of testing we were able to push this card as fast as 433MHz!"

 MGE ECO L4 Gaming Case @ ExtremeMHz

"I've seen so many gaming cases come through my office in the last few months that it is kind of nice to be able to review just a standard one! So when MGE offered us the opportunity to check out the ECO L4, a conservative budget case, I was definitely interested. As this company has long been known for its outstanding cases, I was more than ready see what MGE could offer on the low end of their lineup. Let's check it out!"

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