Corsair Press Release, Crucial Gizmo USB Drive, PQI DDR2 Kit and More

Good evening brothers and sisters, welcome back :)  The day is coming to a close and the HH news-bin is busting at the seams.  However, before I jump over to the news front, I want to point out that Jeff recently posted his review of S3's OmniChrome TV/Graphics Card, their competitor to ATi's All-In-Wonder and NVIDIA's Personal Cinema line of products.  Take a few minutes and check it out before you scroll down to the news...

Corsair Announces 550 MHz CAS2.5 DDR Modules

Fremont, CA, October 20, 2004: Corsair Memory, Inc., a global leader in ultra-performance DDR memory modules for PC gamers and enthusiasts, today announced their fastest ever DDR memory module, a DDR550 module that supports very aggressive 2.5-4-4-8 latencies. These modules typically support 2-2-2-5 latencies at 400MHz clock speeds. The new parts are:

TwinX1024-4400C25 matched pair of 512MB, DDR550, 2.5-4-4-8, black XMS modules
TwinX1024-4400C25PT matched pair of 512MB, DDR550, 2.5-4-4-8, platinum XMS modules

Both these parts are available immediately from resellers worldwide, and are also available as individual 512MB modules. TwinX kits are tested as a matched pair at their rated specifications and packaged together immediately after passing test, guaranteeing that the customer receives a product that has been verified in the dual channel environment. These modules include Corsair's classic black or platinum aluminum heat spreaders for improved heat dissipation.

The ultra high clock speeds supported by these modules make them an ideal choice for extreme overclockers seeking the ultimate in performance. According to Corsair VP of Applications Engineering John Beekley, "we've tested these modules in our labs on a number of 875P, 865PE and 939-pin Athlon ™ 64 FX based motherboards with extremely impressive results. This is the first time we've been able to run memory at 550 MHz on both Intel and AMD platforms... and at CAS 2.5!" Corsair R&D engineers have validated these modules on both Intel and AMD based platforms, but Corsair's production test lines for these parts employ the Asus P4C800-E motherboard. "Moreover, we've driven our manufacturing cost down dramatically on this module compared to our earlier XMS4400 product, which will translate into surprisingly affordable street prices", Mr. Beekley added.

 Crucial Gizmo 2.0 512MB USB Hard Drive Review @ PC Stats

"With the proliferation of WindowsXP, plugging a device like the 512MB Crucial Gizmo 2.0 into a system doesn't even require drivers - everything is automatic. It measures a scant 16 x 67.5 x 8mm, and has a tiny little green LED to indicate activity. The Gizmo 2.0 flash drive is small enough that two can be installed into adjacent USB ports without encountering any space issues."

 S3 unveils OmniChrome graphics card @ TechReport

"Today S3 is taking the wraps off OmniChrome, an answer to ATI's All-in-Wonder and NVIDIA's Personal Cinema. Based on a DeltaChrome S4 Nitro graphics card, OmniChrome adds a TV tuner and video decoder chip to enable video capture and PVR applications. Given DeltaChrome's native HDTV output support and less-than-stellar gaming performance, the PVR/home theater PC market seems like a natural market for S3 to pursue."

 PQI PC2-5400 1gb DDR2 Memory Kit @ ClubOC

"With the Intel 925 chipset motherboards quickly becoming a choice overclocking platform, DDR2 is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Especially the faster DDR2 like the PC2-5400. It really looks like if you are an Intel fanatic, DDR1 is now nothing more than a paper weight. DDR2 is pumping out some very impressive performance numbers and is allowing us to overclock like never before. DDR2 is the future of overclocking. PQI has send over their own version of PC2-5400 (667MHz) for us to play with. The Ballistix has done a great job for us so far, so can the PQI keep up?"

 Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro Cooler @ PCReview

"After searching for an alternative, I found the Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro Cooler in an attempt to solve my cooling problems. This particular cooler also comes with a fan speed module, allowing you to change the RPM of the fan. The cooler even comes fitted with 4 Blue LEDs which light up when in use, making this particularly attractive to case modders."

 Asus AX800XT/TVD Videocard Review @ PC Stats

"In this review PCstats is testing one of Asus's flagship Radeon videocards, the AX800XT/TVD. Built on the extremely popular ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition VPU, I'm sure you can already guess that the benchmark results are going to be fast... like hella-fast! ATI offload the production of their graphics processors to TSMC's now aging 0.13 micron manufacturing process, and each one of these little slabs of silicone contains a full 160 million transistors. Backing those 160 million transistors is 256MB of Samsung 1.6ns DDR-3 memory, clocked at 1.12 GHz."

 Leadtek WinFast A340 PRO TD (GeForce FX 5500) @ HardwareZone

"Graphics cards based on the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 have quietly slipped on to the retail shelves, but what exactly is it and where does it stand among existing graphics cores? In this review, we'll update you on that as well as take a look at Leadtek's offering based on this GPU."

 Jetart AquaCool AK1000 External Liquid Cooling Kit @ SystemCooling

"With water cooling becoming more mainstream, more and more companies are entering the market with their own systems and ideas on how it all should be done. Some companies are going for maximum cooling for the enthusiast market, while others are building systems for the everyday mainstream user. Some of these systems are designed to be installed inside the computer case, while others are intended to sit outside the case. Today we are looking at the AquaCool AK1000 External Liquid Cooling Kit from Jetart Technology."

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