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3D Gaming: 3DMark, ETQW

For our next set of tests, we moved on to some in-game benchmarking with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and 3DMark Vantage. When testing low-power platforms with ET:QW, we dial things down to moderate resolutions to accommodate the LCD panel that was available in each test case. Since these are more entry-level game tests on highly mobile or ultra small form factor platforms, we left anti-aliasing turned off and image quality settings set from moderate to high levels where possible.

3D Gaming: Vantage, ET: Quake Wars
Testing Zacate's GPU

The CPU benchmark built into 3DMark Vantage doesn't show the newer E-450 with much of an advantage over the older E-350-based systems; those 50 additional MHz just don't help CPU performance all that much.

But the integrated Radeon HD 6320 does offer significantly more performance than the Radeon HD 6310 of t he E-350, at least according to 3DMark Vantage.

Curiously, ET: Quake Wars shows somewhat lower performance at the lower resolutions, which almost levels out once the resolution is increased to 1366x768. These tests on the ZBOX Nano XS AD11 were run using the latest AMD Catalyst drivers, which may be lacking OpenGL optimizations present in older drivers for this title.

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