Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale CPU

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Divx Author and 7-Zip


7-Zip 4.43 File Compression Speed
Integrated Compression Benchmark

Divx Author 6.7 Video Encoding Speed
Encoding 30 Minute Show to Divx Format

7-Zip can use all four cores of a quad-core system, and as such, the E8500 chip falls behind the quad-cores at stock speeds.  Performance is still very good for the E8500, especially when overclocked. 

Divx video encoding is where Intel’s updated architecture really shines through.  Divx Author can take advantage of Intel’s new SSE4.1 instructions, which allow for very fast encoding performance.  Our 3.16 GHz dual-core E8500 chip is able to encode our 30 minute movie file two minutes faster than the QX6850 quad-core, which is roughly four times the price as our E8500.   When overclocked, that lead extends to over three minutes.  That’s huge – and gives this chip a huge performance lead over any other chips on the market today when used with the right applications.

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