WD Caviar & RE2 GreenPower 1TB HDs

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Sandra XII SP1 Test Results

For our Sandra XII SP1 testing, we ran two sets of tests: Physical Disk and File System. We ran the Physical Disk tests before formatting the test drives, but we had to format the drives in order to run the File System tests. The results from this testing can be seen on this and the following page.

SiSoftware Sandra XII SP1

While the 1TB Caviar GP and RE2-GP manage to hit around 55 MB/s in both of Sandra's Physical Disk tests, they still couldn't reach the performance of the other drives (other than the 500GB Caviar SE16). Their direct competitor size-wise, the 1TB Barracuda ES.2, outperforms them by a large margin. Somehow though, the RE2-GP nails the Write Access Time score with a 2 ms result, beating the rest of the pack.

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