WD Caviar & RE2 GreenPower 1TB HDs

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PCMark Vantage Test Results

Next up is PCMark Vantage from FutureMark Corp. We specifically used only the HDD Test module of this benchmark suite to evaluate all the drives we tested. Feel free to consult Futuremark's white paper on PCMark Vantage for an understanding of what each test component entails and how it calculates its measurements.

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage

For the overall PCMark Vantage HDD score, the 1TB Caviar GP and RE2-GP manage to post the two lowest scores, although not necessarily by a wide margin. In the three individual tests shown above, the two GreenPower drives are in the bottom two or bottom three in terms of performance each time, with the Caviar GP once again falling behind the RE2-GP.

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