VisionTek XTasy Titanium Series Lineup

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The VisionTek XTasy Titanium Series Line-up
Taking Graphics to the Next Level

By - Jeff Bouton
November 1, 2001 

Overclocking with the VisionTek Titanium Series.
Pushing Hardware to its Limits!

For this test we've displayed both the original scores of each card when running 3DMark 2001 at 1024x768x32, followed by the overclocked scores.

When it comes to overclocking, the Ti200 gave us the most bang for the buck.  The GPU overclocked an addition 25.7%, while the RAM increased 16.25%, yielding a 3DMark gain of 8.75%.  The GeForce 2 Ti and Ti500 models averaged respectable gains as well, ranging from 5% for the Ti500 to 7.25% for the GF2 Ti.  However, when it comes to pure power and capability to manhandle today's most demanding games, the Ti500 reigns supreme.

Throughout our testing of the VisionTek Xtasy Ti line, the nVidia-based cards put up an impressive showing, dominating the majority of tests compared with the Radeon 7500 and 8500.  There is no guarantee that this will remain true if ATI delivers on its promise of new and improved driver updates every three weeks, but from what we've seen, the Titanium GPU is currently the graphics processor of choice.  We are interested to see how performance differences will evolve as the drivers mature.

From what we've seen with the VisionTek line of Ti video cards, all three performed quite well, with expected difficulties at high resolutions with the GF2 Ti.  VisionTek has put together a quality package with a nice software bundle, as well as additional cooling support.  Aside from the use of a thermal pad on the cooler package, it is hard to say much of anything negative about these packages.  With a nice software bundle including unprecedented "current" drivers, the Xtasy product line has much to offer.  When it comes to rating these cards, though, it is difficult to justify a single rating.  Although the package are very similar, the cards have sufficient differences to warrant separate ratings.

With the Xtasy 5864, I personally have a hard time encouraging someone to buy it.  With nVidia's rapid release schedule, clearly the GeForce2 line will be a thing of the past fairly soon.  If you are someone on a very limited budget, you may want to consider the purchase, but I would recommend mustering up the extra cash for a Ti200 if at all possible.  I give the Xtasy 5964 GeForce2 Ti a Hot Hardware Meter Rating of a...

With the Xtasy 6564 Ti200 and 6964 Ti500, both cards demonstrated excellent benchmark performance as well as physical quality.  The Ti200 and Ti500 both exhibited superb benchmark numbers as well as overclocking potential.  The Ti200 proved to be an excellent all around card for the money with the most overclocking gains achieved out of all three models.  If you are on a budget and want a reasonably priced GeForce3 video card, the Ti200 is a no-brainer.  However, if you have the money to go high-end, I recommend picking up a Ti500.  For both the Xtasy 6564 Ti200 and 6964 Ti500, I give a HotHardware Meter Rating of a..


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