VisionTek XTasy Titanium Series Lineup

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The VisionTek XTasy Titanium Series Line-up
Taking Graphics to the Next Level

By - Jeff Bouton
November 1, 2001

OpenGL Benchmarks with GLExcess XS Mark
New Kid In Town

Our next test is GLExcess XS Mark, a newcomer to the Hot Hardware labs that I stumbled across a few weeks ago and has rapidly gained popularity and respect from all of us here.  This test focus's on the four major components of graphics card performance:  Fill Rate, Polygon Count, VRAM & CPU/FPU performance.  We ran all tests at both 16 Bit and 32 Bit color...

Let's hear it for the ol' GeForce 2!  The GF2 Ti showed a bit of spunk, passing its younger brother, the Ti200.  What is more notable is how the Radeon 7500 barely put up a fight.  The Geforce3 Ti500 and the Radeon 8500 were virtually neck-in-neck, with the Ti500 slipping slightly ahead.  Now we'll turn up the colors to 32Bit and see how the cards react to the added load...


Curiously, although the Radeon 7500 was barely in the contest in the previous test, it also took the least hit in performance when the colors were increased.  What does this mean?  This is more than likely a driver issue that may be improved with future updates.  The Radeon 8500 took a more notable performance hit compared to the Ti500, virtually equaling the performance of the Ti200.

Next on our list is Vulpine, another OpenGL attack...

OpenGL Benchmarks with Vulpine
More GL Torture

Vulpine is another OpenGL benchmark that often graces the pages of many of our reviews.  For this round of testing we've run the utility at both 16 Bit and 32 Bit color...

Once again, the Xtasy Titanium line outperformed the Radeon's in most resolutions.  The 8500 did, however, beat the Ti500 at its own game at 1600x1200.

On to 32 Bit colors....

More OpenGL with Vulpine and Quake 3


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