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New Video2000 Results From The Majors In Graphics

The Online Hardware Review Media community has a solid focus on 3D Graphics performance and technology as a whole.  This goes without saying.  Too often the Digital Video Subsystem of a particular graphics card goes untested and evaluated.  Perhaps this is because there are still relatively few benchmark suites or utilities available to the masses.

MadOnion... By the way, what the heck is the deal with the name of this company?  " I am a VERY angry Onion and therefore I am going to benchmark my booty off!"  I mean really, someone in marketing was sniffing the super glue a little too much on their lunch break, to come up with this one!  :-)  But I digress...

MadOnion, known the world over for the comprehensive and technically complete 3D Graphics benchmark 3DMark 2000, has delivered yet another quality benchmark package, this time stepping up to the challenge of Digital Video Benchmarking. This new digital video benchmarking suite is called Video2000.   

The following is a quick look at the relative performance, features and quality of the digital video playback and MPEG encode/decoding of some of the top graphics accelerators in the market.  We tested  ATI's Rage Fury 128 Pro , Elsa's Erazor X2 DDR GeForce, Matrox's Millennium G400 and 3dfx's Voodoo3-3500TV.  All extremely competent 3D cards in their own respect.  Let's see how they stack up in a Video2000 Round-Up.


First,  let's take a quick look at what Video2000 from MadOnion tests within its benchmark suite.  This article is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of the MadOnion software itself but rather a first hand look at how each of the noted accelerators perform under these conditions.  However, we feel it is important for you to understand this testing platform so that you can make sense of the numbers produced rather than arbitrary assumptions.

The Video2000 Benchmark categorizes "performance" in three areas, performance, quality and features.

  • The performance tests evaluate a graphics card's abilities with respect to BLT Operations, Memory Transfers and Software DVD Playback.  Here is a look at what some of the BLT tests look like.  This one is for BLT downscaling.  Click the image for a closer look.

  • This is a screen shot from one of the Software DVD Decoder Performance Tests.  Click image to get the 800X600 shot.

  • The quality tests evaluate the cards ability to reproduce digital video images with respect to scaling, color space conversion, and de-interlacing or tearing in Software DVD playback.  Here is a shot of what one of these tests looks like.  Again, click this image for full view.

  • Finally, the feature test reports on the various digital video reproduction features of your accelerator like overlay color control, shrinking and stretching etc...

  • The overall Video2000 Video Mark score is the sum of the results of the quality, performance and feature-set testing you performed.  A higher score is better.


Now that you know how this test is set up and a little bit about what the numbers mean, it is time to give you the dirt on how our contenders measured up! 


 Video2000 Marks - This way! 



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