VIA's K8T900 Chipset

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Futuremark PCMark05

Futuremark PCMark05
More Synthetic CPU and Memory Benchmarks

Rounding out our synthetic benchmark test, we ran the CPU and Memory performance modules built into Futuremark's PCMark05.  From this point forward, we'll be comparing the performance of the K8T900 reference motherboard to the ECS KN1 SLI motherboard based on the nForce4 SLI chipset.

With PCMark05's CPU module, the ECS motherboard yielded slightly higher results, topping the VIA K8T900 by 21 PCMarks.  With memory performance, the scales continued to favor the nForce SLI system with the VIA K8T900 reference test bed lagging the ECS model by 81 PCMarks.

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