DDR3 Round-Up: Core i7 Performance Analysis


DDR3 modules typically run at higher latencies compared to DDR2 modules at the same clock speed. Typical DDR3 modules run in the CAS 7-7-7 to CAS 8-8-8 range, whereas some modules can run as high as CAS 9-9-9. On the other end of the spectrum, it's possible to get memory modules which can run as low as 6-6-6 timings, which are likely some of the fastest you'll see on store shelves.

We wanted to see how latency affects memory performance on the Core i7. Here, we took 6 GB of DDR3-1333 memory and ran through our test suite again, with memory latency levels of 6-6-6-18, 7-7-7-20, 8-8-8-22, and 9-9-9-24. No other timing attribute was changed.  Results continue on the next page...

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