Toshiba TR200 SSD Review: Affordable SATA Solid State Storage

Toshiba TR 200 SSD Line-Up -- The Verdict

Performance Summary: The performance of Toshiba's TR200 series SATA SSDs was a mixed bag. In our various ATTO, HD Tune, and CrystalDiskMark bendchmark runs, the drives offered competitive performance with some other recently-released, SATA SSDs, in both reads and writes. In the IOMeter, SANDRA, and PCMark Storage 2.0 tests, however, the TR200s typically trailed by measurable percentages.

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Toshiba TR200 Series SATA Solid State Drives - Find Them At Amazon

The Toshiba TR200 series solid state drives featuring the company's 64-Layer 3-bit-per-cell TLC (triple-level cell) BiCS flash memory don't offer class-leading performance in any particular category, but they are not meant to. Toshiba has the OCZ VX500 series for consumers in need of top-end SATA performance, as well as a fresh line-up of NVMe-based offerings for PC enthusiasts or workstation professionals. Toshiba's TR200 series targets budget-conscious consumers seeking a strong value, and in this regard Toshiba has apparently hit the mark. Toshiba TR200 series pricing look like this:
At these MSRPs -- which equate to about $0.30 - $0.37 per GB -- the Toshiba TR200 series drives are some of the more affordable SSDs on the market. However, we suspect street prices will wiggle down a bit lower than MSRP, as availability ramps up over the coming weeks. If you're in the market for an affordable SSD to upgrade a system still chugging along on a slow, spinning HDD, the Toshiba TR200 series is worth a look, though faster drives are available for only a bit more.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Faster Than Any HDD
  • Lack Of DRAM Cache
  • Faster SATA SSDs Available, For Slightly More Money

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