Toshiba TR200 SSD Review: Affordable SATA Solid State Storage

Toshiba TR200 - PCMark Storage 2.0 Tests

We like PCMark 8's Storage 2.0 benchmark module for its real-world application measurement approach to testing. PCMark 8 offers a trace-based measurement of system response times under various scripted workloads of traditional client / desktop system operation. From simple application start-up performance, to data streaming from a drive in a game engine, and video and photo editing with Adobe applications, we feel comfortable that these tests reasonably illustrate the performance profile of SSDs in an end-user / consumer PC usage model, more so than a purely synthetic transfer test.

Futuremark's PCMark Storage 2.0




The Toshiba TR200 series trailed the other drives we tested here. If you look at the individual results and bandwidth scores, the TR200s trail the competition across the board. When the results are factored into the final score, the deltas between the TR200s and the other drives we tested hovered around 6% (give or take, depending on the capacity).

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