Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1324 Review

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Final Impressions & Conclusion

The Toshiba T135D has a lot of attractive features. It's thin, lightweight, and has a moderate price tag that is likely to attract many buyers. The Fusion Finish looks great, though it does tend to attract fingerprints. In addition, the T135D had no problem playing our test multimedia HD clips and did not drop any frames.

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If you're looking for a basic machine that can handle everyday computing tasks, the T135D should do just fine. We liked the T135D's keyboard and TouchPad. Both were comfortable to use and we appreciated that Toshiba indented the TouchPad slightly so you'll notice if you accidentally mouse off of the surface. The high-gloss screen displayed crisp and sharp images. Although we did notice some glare, it wasn't any worse than other notebooks with high-gloss displays.

All in all, Toshiba's lightweight T135D is more affordable than previous Intel-based models. For approximately $100 less, the AMD Neo-powered T135D-S1324 still offers acceptable performance even though benchmark scores aren't quite as high as the similarly equipped Intel-powered version. Battery life is perhaps the biggest downside to the AMD-powered version: the T135D-S1324 offered just over two hours of cord-free computing time. The battery is removable though, so you could extend the notebook's runtime with a second battery.

  • Lightweight
  • Low price tag
  • ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics
  • Multi-Touch TouchPad
  • Handles 720p/1080p content
  • Relatively Short battery life
  • Weak speakers
  • Outer casing attracts fingerprints
  • No optical drive

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