Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1324 Review

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SiSoftware SANDRA Benchmarks & Multimedia

We continued our testing with SiSoftware's SANDRA 2009, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. We ran four of the built-in subsystem tests (CPU Arithmetic, Multimedia, Memory Bandwidth, and Physical Disc Test). All of the scores reported below were taken with the processor running at its default clock speed of 1.6GHz with 4GB of DDR2 RAM.

Preliminary Testing with SiSoft SANDRA 2009
Synthetic Benchmarks

CPU Arithmetic Test; Click to Enlarge

CPU Multimedia Test; Click to Enlarge

Memory Bandwidth Test; Click To Enlarge

Physical Disc Test; Click to Enlarge

In most of these tests, the T135D was a middle-of-the-road contender. For an ultraportable system, the numbers are decent, and real-world performance was acceptable.

To test multimedia capabilities, we attempt to play back a 720p WMVHD clip and a 1080p clip.

Click to Enlarge; 720p WMVHD

Click to Enlarge; 1080p WMVHD

The T135D played our HD test files just fine, and even though the CPU was taxed, the movie trailers played back smoothly without hiccups.

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