Toshiba Satellite T135 Win 7 CULV Notebook Review

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Toshiba T135; Click To Enlarge

Although a quick glance at the benchmarks in this review might lead you to believe the Toshiba T135 didn't fare so well, keep in mind that many of the reference machines in our charts are priced higher and aimed slightly upmarket from the T135. Given this, the T135 really scored pretty well and held its own in most respects. During our tests, the T135 remained cool and quiet and performance was very acceptable for the price of the machine. We especially liked that this notebook felt solid when typing on in and that the keyboard was very comfortable to use. In addition, the T135 handled both our 720p and 1080p test video clips wihtout issue.


The overall design of the T135 is great, the notebook is lightweight, and the battery life is very good, especially from a 6-cell battery. The battery is removable, so you always have the option of extending the notebook's runtime with a second battery. Toshiba did a good job at paying attention to the details on the T135, and it shows, right down to the slightly indented TouchPad that is lowered just enough so you notice it when you mouse off of the surface.

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Many users often look for the best bang for their buck, so to say. Given the T135's performance and its MSRP of $709.99, this notebook strikes an excellent balance. Plus, there are a handful of T135 configurations that are available for even less (as low as $600). Also, now that Windows 7 is available and shipping on this notebook, you can take advantage of the cool new features of the OS as well as the performance enhancements.

  • Great value
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Multi-Touch TouchPad
  • Glossy screen sometimes has glare
  • Integrated Intel GMA 4500M GPU
  • Outer casing attracts a few fingerprints

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