Toshiba KIRAbook High Resolution Ultrabook

Cinebench & SiSoft SANDRA

We kicked off our testing with some established benchmarks, namely Cinebench and SiSoft SANDRA.

Cinebench R11.5 64-bit
Content Creation Performance

Cinebench R11.5 is a 3D rendering performance test based on Cinema 4D from Maxon. Cinema 4D is a 3D rendering and animation suite used by animation houses and producers like Sony Animation and many others. It's very demanding of processor resources and is an excellent gauge of pure computational throughput.

The KIRAbook took top honors in the Cinebench test, besting all but one system in the CPU test and providing the highest OpenGL score of its peers. The KIRAbook's CPU score in particular outpaces scores from some strong competitors, including the Dell XPS 13. Not a bad way to kick off the benchmarks.

SiSoft SANDRA 2013
Synthetic General Performance Metrics

We like SiSoftware SANDRA (System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) because its suite of benchmark tools let us get a look at the performance of individual subsystems.

The KIRAbook provided solid scores in these tests, as well. We're in the process of building our SANDRA 2013 score database, so it will be interesting to see how the KIRAbook compares to similar ultrabooks down the road. The KIRAbook's SSD is bound to help it in comparisons to ultrabooks carrying slower disc-based hard drives.

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