Toshiba BG4 SSD Review: Mini But Mighty NVMe Storage

Toshiba BG4 NVMe SSD Review: Our Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Toshiba BG4 SSD didn't lead the varied array of drives we used for comparison in any one particular category, but it was a strong overall performer nonetheless. In the trace-based PCMark tests, the BG4 scored second place finishes in in terms of storage bandwidth and its overall score, while reads were competitive with drives like the WD Blue SN500 and Intel SSD 760P throughout most of our tests. Low queue depth 4K transfers were also competitive with the other drives, though its random write performance typically trailed the pack.

The BG4 is a surprisingly strong SSD and another solid storage product from Toshiba. Although its overall performance is relatively good, especially given the diminutive DRAM-less, single-chip design, it’s the BG4’s balance of form factor and performance that makes it really interesting. The Toshiba BG4 brings new levels of performance to the smallest of form factors, with the flexibility of using either a serviceable M.2 drive or a soldered-down BGA package.

As we noted earlier, these drives are not destined for the retail channel, but rather OEMs and system builders that will integrate them into future systems. We don't have any concrete pricing info either because these drives are typically sold I bulk to OEMs, but considering the relative simplicity of the design, pricing will likely be aggressive. In other words, the BG4 won’t add a significant premium to any of the systems it’s featured in. Which systems those may be, we don’t know just yet, but we look forward to encountering the new Toshiba BG4 out in the wild and getting our hands on the types of thin and lights it will be powering.


  • Tiny Form Factors
  • Good Perf At QD1
  • Competitive Reads
  • Writes Typically Trailed The Pack
  • No Info On Pricing Or Design Wins

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