Titanfall 2 Review And PC Benchmarks Quick Take: Fantastic Mech Fun

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Titanfall 2 Gameplay, Our Opinions & The Wrap Up

Deciding whether or not to offer a public beta was undoubtedly a hot topic with the development team behind Titanfall 2. The company’s own blockbuster hit Battlefield 1 launched a week earlier with more sure footing after a very successful beta test a month previous. The non-existent PC beta for Titanfall 2 could be part of reason why BF1 is kicking its butt in sales—that and it’s a much better known, longer-standing IP. Still, we are certain many questions could have been answered with an early beta test, just to better illustrate to a wider audience that Titanfall 2 really is a great game.

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Titanfall 2 is also a good dose of digital eye candy for any widescreen high-resolution junkie. It scales well across midrange systems with minimal effort and can be tweaked to perform well on lower end rigs as well. The gameplay is not incredibly deep and there are no vast sandboxes to wade through, with the hope of expansive meta gaming. However, the game offers a unique control and movement setup that is highly addictive and exhilarating. It’s a system that has been stylishly expanded with grappling hooks, deployable player decoys, cloaks, sliding, and a lot more. These features can be chained together with the existing wall-running and double-jumping for great effect in the hands of a skilled pilot. It’s easy to do, but even more entertaining to experiment with and master.

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Titanfall 2 is an improvement over the original in every way—no doubt a result of some hard decision making. Fleshing out the single player was a bold and very welcomed move, leading to one of the strongest single-player campaigns found in a multiplayer-focused game. The missions are fun and immersive and the two make for a great one-two punch that extends replayability. Additionally, we applaud the choice to go with free DLC and added content for all.

On the multiplayer side of things, Titanfall 2 offers more customization options via unlockable cosmetics and a larger variety of weapons and gadgets.

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We can’t help but think this is Titanfall the way Respawn originally envisioned. Regardless, this is the definitive Titanfall experience by far and we can’t wait to jump back into it, run on more walls, and call down our next Titan.

  • Fun, exhilarating FPS 
  • Very fast-paced gameplay
  • Strong single player
  • Tightly balanced multiplayer
  • Impressive, great-looking graphics 
  • Might be too fast for some
  • Single player content too short

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