The Silverstone LC11 Micro-ATX HTPC Case

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Putting it Back Together - Motherboard and AGP/PCI Adapter

Installation - Continued
Motherboard and AGP/PCI Riser

Mounting the motherboard was the easiest of the tasks, with plenty of room being provided for the board.  Once secured into place, we connected the USB, FireWire and Audio connections to the board headers and then tamed the cabling as best as possible with the supplied zip ties.



The next step was to prepare to install the video card and AGP-PCI riser adapter.  First, we loosened a retention screw that released the three slot blanks.  Then we removed the bracket that gets mounted to the riser card, designed to hold the assembly securely in place when inserted into the motherboard.



The bracket lined up with the front edge of the card and is mounted with four screws.  Then the riser is inserted into the AGP and first PCI slot and a pig tail connects to a second PCI slot on the motherboard to drive the second PCI slot on the riser card.  Once in place, we secured the bracket to the case frame and everything was tightly secured.

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