The Silverstone LC11 Micro-ATX HTPC Case

Putting it Back Together - Drives

Installing the Drives

The first step in completing our build is the installation of the hard drive(s).  There is room for a total of three drives in the hard drive cage, although that might be optimistic.  In our case, we installed a single 80GB drive and welcomed the remaining space to help tuck some of the excess cables in the otherwise tight compartment.


Once the drive was in place, we removed the front CD faceplate of the case and inserted our DVD-ROM drive.  Once in place, the drive is secured with four screws and then the faceplate is reinstalled.  Silverstone uses flathead allen screws for the CD faceplate that can be removed with an allen key included in the package.


While it is understandable that when it comes to the front of the case, the allen screws would look more elegant than phillips head screws, we found the screws awkward to work with and had a lot of trouble getting one of them to catch when reapplying the face to the unit. 


Fortunately, the issue was not insurmountable and with a little patience, we got everything back in place.  Next, we're going to mount our Micro-ATX motherboard.

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