GeForce GTX 275 and Radeon HD 4890 Round-Up

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SLI and Crossfire Testing

Having the sheer number of cards at our disposal begs for some dual and even triple GPU combinations.  Luckily for us, having an Intel X58-based motherboard allows us to run both our GeForce GTX 275s in 3-way SLI and 3 Radeon HD 4890s in CrossFireX - no need for swapping out parts. 

SLI and Crossfire Testing
We've got the extra cards, so why not?


Doubling the number of cards has almost but not quite the effect one would expect - the overall performance and frame rates were just under twice the original scores.  With the GeForce GTX 275 already enjoying a comfortable lead with single GPU testing, that margin of difference now becomes nearly double when comparing SLI to Crossfire results.  Adding in a third card to the mix obviously increases performance even further, but to a lesser degree than we saw when adding in the second.

Benchmarking Crysis with the same combinations of cards points out that 3-way SLI performance is scaling better than the CrossFireX combo, at least in this game.  Whereas the GTX 275 saw increases of 83% when using 2 cards, and 167% in total when going with 3 GPUs, the Radeon HD 4890 "only" received a 60% boost when running in Crossfire with 2 GPUS, and 94% total gain with three HD 4890s running in tandem.  This might be something that ATI should look at with newer Catalyst drivers, as the multi-GPU advantage when running Crysis is surely in NVIDIA's court.

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